Friday, July 02, 2004

Buenos Dias!

When I was in Vladivostok, I was able to get online everyday and journal. I was quite religious about it as it was the only means to get all of the emotions out. With knowing so few people and unable to call home, journaling and unwilling were my only forms of communication to the outside world! I'm insanely happy that I was so good about it b/c I'm now able to look back and see how I was... the unedited me.

Now I'm living in Madrid, Spain and working with Sybari Software in Admin/Sales Support. I'm in the office everyday from 8:30am to about 6:30pm, so there's not much excitement in my life during the week. I'm living with my sorority sister, Meredith, who is also working at Sybari in the Marketing department. She's a self-proclaimed "Potomac Princess" (translation for non-DC residents: She's a princess) who means well, but can be insanely hard to live with. To get out of the apartment, I've joined the gym next door to my house, Fitness First, and am taking up residence in the Spinning room and the weightroom. One of my friends from work and I can be found training together almost every night, making sure I don't get chunky while eating all of the great food around town!

My parents will be joining me in two weeks for their first trip to Spain and then we will go to London for a long weekend! My sister, Allison, wants to come out, but it's insanely expensive (so I understand). Being away from the bugs (My Aunt Leslie's kids whom I'm used to seeing with some frequency) sucks, but they're too little to travel so far!! ;) Joe, the boyfriend, is coming for the second half of August to stay and brush up on his Espanol!! I miss him so much, but I'll try not to dwell on that in here. If I'm here indefinitely, Kate, the best friend, will surely be coming to visit as will some other Elon friends! So life isn't so lonely here... I have Europe at my fingertips and I'm ready to go!

Back to work, TGIF! I'll attempt to stay up to date on here, but no promises!! :) Hasta Luego!

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