About Us

 Why "Love Roars"?

Not too long after Joe and I met, I moved to Madrid, Spain for the summer.  There were a lot of emails and letters going across the Atlantic in both directions and Joe started writing his notes to "Roars" instead of "Rory."  (Note: Oddly enough, this was the first time someone called me that... five years later, most of the Richardsons still do!)  I started responding to his letters "Love, Roars" and it just became my signature to him.  After a while I took out the comma and you see it as it is today, "Love Roars."  It fits the blog perfectly as my entries are full of my love for my family and friends and reminds people to love out loud!

Here we are in 2004:

In 2005:

In 2009 (at Obama's Inauguration):

Later in 2009 with our new baby girl, Dagny:

And in August 2010 at the Flagg Family Reunion: