Wednesday, April 19, 2006


First, my Joe, is a dollface. On Sunday night as I was carrying garlic bread to the living room for a snack, I tripped over the glass candy dish... it broke, and I put my foot down (obviously not on purpose) on the broken glass. Yep; I've been hobbling around b/c I have a gash on the bottom of my big toe! Joe was a doll, he pushed me around in the rolly chair, he piled extra pillows up to elevate my foot in bed, and he even got up on his day off to drive me into work! He's been such an angel... seriously... too perfect, something must be up!

Second, Let's just say that I have a fabulous job, making a decent income, and basically enjoy my day-to-day life! My office is in a total fabu location- Penn Quarter downtown (8th&Penn)! There's a cool naval monument with fountains outside, tons of great restaurants, and in the center of everything thats going on! This is usually a good thing, except on days like today when it's beautiful outside and all I want to do is go lay out in the sun with the hundreds of tourists!!! C'est la vie...

Which brings me to the latest news, aside from the fact that it's only one week until my 24th bday, I'm learning French! J' etudie Francais a la Alliance Francaise! My brain is on overload after the last two nights of french for 3 hours... I'm there every night until next Friday! After that, its just 2 nights a week for eternity (or until my next intensive course begins)!

Oh; and we're moving!! Probably memorial day weekend due to rent restrictions (which absolutely sucks b/c I may have to miss Ellie's wedding :( which would so bum me out). We've decided on the wonderful Highland House West in Friendship Heights! It's a little bigger, better location, and much better amenities! :) YAY!

Ok, back to work, I have a Dory-like attention span today. Such a sped, I know.

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