Monday, April 24, 2006

A Life Lesson...

Life Lesson #673: When in doubt, call the doctor!

Three weeks ago I kicked over the candy dish Lana gave me (by accident, obviously) while carrying something to the couch. If you didn't have the honor of seeing it, Joe called it the Dr. Seuss dish as it was purple glass with fluid arms holding up the dish. As I put my foot down, I stepped on a piece of glass... we pulled it right out, elevated (Yes, we remember RICE...) and bandaged it up!

Three weeks later, I still couldn't walk on it and it wasn't healing properly, so I called the doctor. She immediately referred me to a podaitrist and he saw me (and my toe) this morning. After feeling around, he realized that there was something in it (I had felt around and couldn't tell). I'll spare you the gushy details, but after a few shots of novaicaine, he pulled out this piece of glass that was going into my toe...

(See attached photo. WARNING: It's gross!)
Hence, I give you today's life lesson... when in doubt, call a doctor!

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