Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yee Haw!

Okay; so aside from my pure excitement about Grant's birth (yes, I did spend all weekend shopping for him, making him onesies and a chug mug, and oogling at the photos of him), the past week has gone fairly well.
Work was sheer hell last week as we were prepping 2 days of meetings and had a powerpoint slide for every meeting! Yes, it was a long week. Tommy left for Hawaii on Friday, so the Richardson Crew went out to dinner on Thursday. The food was quite unremarkable (not sure what I was expecting when choosing Argentinian Steak in Urbana, MD?!), but it was nice to hang out with everyone. We went to Rita's after, so clearly, I was psyched!
Camp is going well for Joe... only a few minor incidents with flashers, biters, and cryers. My favorite "crazy parent" story was the woman who called in to compain that her son had fruit snacks at camp... apparently he has soft teeth and should not be eating such crap. Um okay, we'll take care of that!
This weekend Joey and I got bluetooth headsets for our phones... I was a bit reluctant, but I actually like it a lot! And then, last night Joey help me spend the remnants of my birthday money on an iPod!! I've never had one, so I'm just sooo excited... I've been rocking out to My Chemical Romance all morning!
We also went to see Delirium on Sunday night... it wasn't Cirque du Soleil at its best (read: no crazy acts), but it was visually entertaining and had some good ideas. I loved the way they used all types of media to tell the story, but I don't think Joey liked it too much. It's making me crave Las Vegas and going to see Zumanity, KA, and O!

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Cheryl Leigh said...

How funny...I am reading old stuff and it occurs to me that we both got our iPods at around the same time. That's sort of cool...I think.