Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Phone Found... All is Well.

We all knew that my phone had to be somewhere... and of course it turned up in a logical place... my camera bag... so yes, I'm back!

Interview this afternoon... way informal, but still makes me antsy....

TV Recap:
-Crowned: Mother of All Pageants- Totally addicted. It's a train wreck and I can't keep my eyes away from Carson, Shana, and the jeweled sash-cutting scissors. On tonight!
-Biggest Loser- I can't believe we've never watched this before... I'm totally pulling for Team Yellow... the ex-husband/wife team.... although, did anyone else catch him mention "his girlfriend" in conversation about the letters from home!? I think he and Kelly are freaking adorable... totally want them to win. Points to orange for the gameplay risk last night - they'll be putting up huge numbers next week (again)... and how on earth is purple still there?
-Cashmere Mafia - It's on tonight... with the current lack of any good shows, I'm sticking with this one... the plots are a little iffy, but its an hour of girl tv to go up against the guy shows.
-Gladiators- Getting over this one quickly... Of course I'm on the Crush bandwagon as she kicks legit tush... but not so sure I like any of the men... Wolf, come on! Titan, hello? Toa? Hell-ga? Not so much a fan of the personas... and the scripted trash talk. But its on the TV, so it will be watched!

Looking forward to: Lipstick Jungle (I'll give it a shot) and Dexter on CBS

Totally Craving: Lost, Heroes, and The Office!

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laurel said...

a comment on the crap tv you are watching, no gossip girl???? c'mon give it a try.

glad you found your phone