Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A New Bedroom!!

I was sooo excited when Joe told me that he'd revamp our bedroom for Valentine's Day! After a long weekend full of searching for the right sheets and accessories, here's what we came up with!

My side of the comfy goodness...

...and a full room shot. Please excuse the unfinished curtains (which happen to be light-blocking because you know my sleep time is precious)... we still need to install the pull-back thingies, but we didn't get that far! Also, we're not going to rush the art-factor... no homogeneous crap, I want to find something good at a market or gallery!

...and the cherry on top... Joe installed a new ceiling fan! This may seem like small potatoes to you, but this was the biggest project we've undertaken in the new house! It's working and we didn't start a fire during the installation process! Words cannot convey how excited I am about this accomplishment! Bob Veela, here we come!

More photos to come as we get it finished, but it's all so very exciting!! Now, must pull myself out of the warm duvet... can't let Joe find me here after I wimped out on Sirius' walk today (he'll be freezing!)!! Hmm... maybe not, I'm only halfway through Atlas Shrugged and it's getting good! ;)

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laurel said...

Looks good. I see the lights work , but do the blades turn?? j/k Good job!