Monday, March 17, 2008

Manly Man Weekend

Joe, Sirius, and I joined Nancy, Joe, Pat, Dorrie (and all of their dogs!) for a nice walk along a trail nearby. I wish I had brought the camera, but the trip was impromptu and we went there straight from Mountainside!

The dogs had a blast... the Ranch dogs certainly knew what was coming (they do this all of the time), so Sirius was in for a big treat... as soon as he saw the creek, he jumped in and was belly-deep in the mudbank - acting like the little pig that he is! We convinced him to get out of there and he was so psyched to make it to the dog's regular swimming spot! Can't say that he was hard-core swimming, but he was quick to get into the water...

After our nice hike, the dogs hung out in the back of the landscaping truck while we ducked into the Grease Pit for some lunch! I'm now fully convinced that we have an outdoor dog on our hands (as opposed to the lap dog I wanted!) who just loves the fresh air! After the morning at Mountainside and afternoon with the Ranch dogs, we were not shocked that Sirius slept for the rest of the day! :)


Joe and Jeff went to the Capitals game on Sunday for a "guys afternoon." The game went into a shoot-out with Huit kicking Bruin-Butt and blocking all of their shots and Semin & Koslov sinking their shots in Boston's net for the win! The bonus, for Joe, was that it was "Fleece Helmet Day" at Verizon Center...

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Allison McFatridge said...

Joe is ridiculous!

I miss you guys... I want you to come visit as soon as you guys can!