Thursday, May 01, 2008

Birthday Highlights

I'm such a lucky girl to have so many friends and family around to send birthday love my way! Here's a play-by-play of my fabulous 26th...

~Saturday night: Joe and I had a Guapo's and a Movie Date. We saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which was totally hilarious!! I was a bit hesitant, but the movie was so great- I'd definitely recommend it!

~Sunday: At my request, Joe brought me breakfast in bed (which consisted of Rita's water ice!)! We had a nice lunch at Corner Bakery and totally cuddled up on the couch with Sirius to watch a movie. It was a perfect rainy day, so I had the chance to rock out in the Burberry Raincoat that Joey got me for my birthday and we were totally comfy and cozy while we watched (and napped during) Enchanted. Okay people, why hadn't I seen/heard about this movie before!? Its my new favorite and I've watched it 3 times already (That's How You Know He's the One...)! Sunday evening, Joe took me to the Melting Pot for dinner! Luckily, I have a Melting Pot-Soul Mate in Ellie and she warned me about new menu items not to try... so we had yummy cheddar cheese, the Caribbean-flavored Fusion, Mojo broth, and Dark Chocolate Flaming Turtle Dessert! It was so yummy... I could barely move!! Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone to sent me emails, cards, and notes wishing me well! It was so great to get notes from all over (Yay Russian Friends!!) and just made me feel soooo loved!

~Monday: Christine took me out to Teaism for a nice lunch and we got a lot of stuff done at the office. Joe had told me that he was getting a present ready at the house after work, so I had to stay at work a little late to give him time. I obeyed orders and stayed at my desk until his call and was surprised when he told me to head up towards Verizon Center instead of the Metro! He led me into District Chop House (my favorite!!!!) and I found a fabulous gaggle of friends and family who surprised me with dinner! Yay! Christine had been in on it the whole time (sneaky boss!) and Shira joined the rest of the Richardson's. It was such a nice dinner... that came with gifts! A Ralph Lauren Tote Bag from Shira, a Nordies Gift Card from B&Eric, and a sear sucker bag full of gift cards and goodies from Nancy! Christine had given me a cool necklace and bath oils earlier in the day... so I was more then spoiled this year!

~Wednesday: I thought all of the birthday festivities were over... until I got home and found a present from Ally!! She made me the greatest calendar with tons of my favorite pics... and she even took the time to put in all of the Redskins Games and everyone's birthdays! It was such a nice treat! Thank you Al!

And now, for a completely shamless plug that I simply can't resist... Ms. Ellie made me the cutest box! Yes, this is the very Laura of "Laura's Platters and Splatters"... available online at!! I have a P&S original hanging in my kitchen... one of her first designs... that she gave to us as out wedding gift!

For my birthday, El made me this great box... the photos don't do it justice as it is sooo perfect!

This, unfortunately for everyone else, is a one of a kind! :) But... you can buy your own custom plates for weddings, birthdays, babies, family reunions, and anything else you can think of at:

Yay for artsy friends!... and for all friends... thank you for all of your love! :)

Back to work for this chickie... who is bummed out b/c they finally blocked facebook, blogger, and anything else fun that you could think of! :-/ But good days are on their way as we have a full night of laundry and TV tonight (Ultimate Fighter from last night, The Office, Grey's, and Lost!!)... and then up to Willow Grove for Daddy's Community Day this weekend! :)

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