Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Catching Up!

I've been a little slack on the updating front lately, but I'm really trying to get caught up! First, I've updated my photo albums with shots of Grant's party, Sirius Swimming, Sirius and Molly's playdate, and the rollerhockey tournament that the boys played in April. You can find these photos here: http://picasaweb.google.com/Richardson.Rory

The next few weeks are jam-packed, so I'll update when I can, but here's where I'll be:

June 7-8: Sarah Toney's Wedding in Salem, VA
June 11-13: Playtime with Ellie and Grant in Fort Hood, TX

June 14-15: Kim's Bridal Shower and Father's Day in Willow Grove

June 20: Jill's Wedding in Cary, NC

June 20-22: Girl's Weekend with Vycki, Towa, and Dayna in Burlington, NC

June 28: Brandy's Bridal Shower and Jeffo's Housewarming Party

July 5: Hunter's Wedding in Gettysburg, PA

July 12: Tommy's Farewell Crabfeast

July 14: Sirius' Première Fête D'Anniversaire... Yes, we have a Bastille-Day Puppy! :) Everyone's welcome to come and enjoy crepes, pup-cakes for our four legged friends, berets, and bad french accents! :-D
July 19: sanofi-pasteur Picnic at Mountainside

July 27-August 1: Will and Nick staying with us and going to Mountainside for Camp!

August 9: Tim's Wedding in Cary, NC

August 15-16: Kim's Bachelorette Party in NYC

August 28: Kim's Wedding at Penn Ryn Mansion!!!

August 30/31: Grandmother's 90th Birthday Party!

September 1: Joey's Birthday... can't forget this one!

September 19: Brandy and Eric's Wedding in Delaware

September 20: Tanner Monroe's Bar Mitzvah in California

As for my hubby, he'll be hunkered down at Mountainside until the end of September when Summer Camp and Retreats finally die down a bit. The pup will be here and there, but I know he'll love the "there" parts as they refer to Mountainside and Hoffman Road with his pup-cousins!

There is lots of other stuff going on... especially things like Baby Showers for Joanie and Lauren that I won't be able to be at, visits from Ellie and Grant, family and friends' birthdays, etc... but these are the set dates on the calendar. I'll try to keep the "Tour Dates" at the bottom of the blog up-to-date, but we'll see how that goes!

Sheesh, thank goodness for cell phones and blackberries- How did we keep in touch without them?! :) I'm going to get some work done before all of the fun commences! :)

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