Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to the GrantMonster!

Yep, the day has finally arrived... it's Grant's 1st Birthday!!

Yes, everyone knows that I'm a little nuts about this kiddo... naturally, I'm celebrating with him via blogger! ;)

Like El, its been hard to put everything into words... between Scott (who is doing very well, all things considered!) and my trip to Texas, I've had a lot on my mind and am finally processing it all!

When I got off of the plane in Austin, I wasn't sure what would be there waiting for me... I wasn't sure how El would be after the emotional day before. Much to my delight, I found Grant smiling and yammering on in his stroller and a mildly emotional Ellie! Like most situations, my initial response was to quickly engage in retail therapy! So, we headed to the outlets... tore through Ralph Lauren, Banana, and Coach before our cards maxed out! ;) El definitely got the find of the day when she spotted a teal bag at Coach... totally adorable!!

Grant fell asleep on the car ride back to "post" (which I learned is Army-language for "Fort Hood" or "Base") and she gave me the grand tour! I guess I hadn't realized how big it was, because I couldn't get over how it was just a small town! We made a yummy dinner... a bertolli meal... yes, we're both the pickiest eaters and ended up picking green stuff out of the basic pasta meal! Overall, it was such a nice day... a much needed girl's day out!!

Thursday was full of more shopping (like I said, it was a totally girl-time trip!) and a trip to the playground with Grant!! I can't believe how mobile he is... and how he just talks and talks to everyone he sees! I even fed Grant his dinner... yes, seems like a small task, but you try cramming blended meals into a baby's clenched jaw! ;) We ended the day with a dessert date at El's place... a few of her Army Girlfriends came over!

And then it all headed south... we stumbled upon Friday the 13th! What started as a little lunch in Salado ended in traffic-filled highways leading to Austin! Grant managed to completely burst the bottle... twice! It totally wasn't his fault, just kinda happened, but he ended up covered in formula and schlepping through the stores sopping wet! As we walked through the last store, I underestimated my space and sent a glass vase flying through the store! Luckily, the guy was understanding and we just scurried out of there! Finally, we were loading Grant into the car when we found El's camera... covered in formula... appearing to be most sincerely dead. I tried to chalk it up to "Spilled Milk," but the tears were coming... my time in Texas was coming to an end.

Everyone knows how it feels to be with your true friends... words can't describe the raw emotion that exists in this situation! I didn't want to leave... next time we'll let Geoff stay and have Joe come in, Sirius can entertain Grant (or vice versa), and the picture will be complete!

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