Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Sirius!

Today we're celebrating 365 Days of Sirius Black! Okay, so we he didn't join us until September 22nd, but we've had more than enough fun to make up for those first months! I convinced Joe to let him sleep with us (just tonight, for his Birthday), so right now we're all snuggled up doing what we do best... cuddling!

This Bastille Day pup will have a day full of new rawhides to chew on, a new collar for camp, some chicken flavored bubbles, and (of course) a birthday bone! :) And since we're starting a new year, we're just going to forgive and forget about all of the chewed cords, socks, and underwear and focus on all of the pure joy he's brought us! I couldn't imagine life without him and his antics! ;)

Keep an eye out for a full report on his Birthday festivities... you only have your 1st birthday once! :) Happy Birthday Buggy!

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