Tuesday, August 12, 2008

T- 8 Months

So basically at this point Rory and I are just writing back and forth to each other here. I suppose if we ever unveil this little blog, people could backtrack and see our reactions so i guess i should put up some thoughts on the moment thats going to change everything.

Rory had been taking some bargin tests from some sham sounding early pregnancy website. I didn't think they would work and after a few very sad faces from the little one, i told her to take a real one and maybe it would show up different. Not surprisingly, it did. I'm all about bargains, but i kinda think pregnancy sticks are an area where we can splurge in the future.

So here's where it gets complicated. Rory took one test which i found on her counter, clearly positive. I was all happy and showed it to her, but she was doubtful. In my mind she was clearly preggers. Later she takes 3 tests and tells me she's pregnant. I was very happy, but i guess i didn't portray that as well as i should have, because i had already had my super happy moment.

Quick aside

(For guys it's a different feeling than for girls when that moment comes. Basically you're whole sexual life up till then you're hoping you aren't going to get anybody preggers. You do anything in your power to not have a baby. It's a big switch going from "This would be terrible" to "Ok i'm ready now." I reached the "Ok i'm ready now" moment a few months ago, but it's still hard to feel completely ready when it comes. So when Rory came down and told me she was, i was very excited that i was excited about it. It showed a complete change of thought process, but i think i spent too much time reflecting on that rather than actually showing my dear wife that i was thrilled.)


The creative part of all of this is very cool. I love thinking of what we can do with the nursery, what nicknames they'll have, and especially what type of person we're growing right now. I don't think any of this will settle in till i see an ultrasound (it's hard to believe $7 spent at a pharmacy can give you so much information) but it's heading that way quickly.

For now i'm just fighting the temptations to tell anybody till after Brandy's wedding. I know Rory isn't happy about that rule, but i think it's really important for us, and moreso the right thing to do. I'ts an interesting time of my life, but i have a wonderful home, a job i love, a playful puppy, and the most beautiful and interesting person in the world as my wife. Lets throw another ingredient in there and see how they play :)

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~Laura & Geoff~ said...

love the whole "you spend your whole life up until now trying NOT to get someone preggers" comment!