Friday, August 22, 2008

We have a Heartbeat!

Joey and I ventured to the doctor today to see how Bowser's cookin! Well, there was a little more poking and prodding than I expected, but it turns out that all is well. She let Joe into the exam room when we did the ultrasound... At first, she turned the screen so we couldn't see it, but I knew Joey was peeking. She let us see the still photo (below) and it looks like a storm coming in on Doppler radar! ;) Just kidding... our little Bowser was definitely there, and when she took the screen freeze off we could see his little heart beating like crazy!

For me, it was just surreal... especially since I can't feel it in there at all... but I gave my sigh of relief that it's heart was beating and she said all was okay. Joey was definitely more warm and fuzzy and was totally sweet!

The rest of the appointment was a blur, mostly because we were just relieved and excited. We had a lot of basic questions and are still coming up with more... but she (Pat Shevock, the PA in the office who saw us) seemed happy overall. Although, not happy enough to not want blood work... which I sadly would have rather escaped.

We were determined to end on a good note, so we headed over to Bugaboo for a nice lunch to celebrate and nourish little Bowser! ;)

p.s. For the record, I think it's a boy (mostly b/c the Chinese Gender Predictor said that it would be... and it was correct for Ellie) and Joe thinks its a girl... his instincts are usually better than mine, so we'll see!

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