Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Knocked Up!

I guess this is one doodle that can't be undid... ;)

Yes, I'm pregnant... just into 9 weeks, so its still really early on. All of this baby talk is very surreal and overwhelming considering that I can't even feel Bowser inside of me yet! It's all good, though, Joe's been bursting at the seams to tell people for weeks now and there's a wonderful sense of relief and excitement now that the big secret is out. The evidence is small... a little bit of nausea and my wonderfully rheumatic joints are the only things that remind me that there's a baby cookin' in there!

I was going to do a separate baby blog on a cutesy website, but I'm thinking that I don't want to confuse anyone and if we don't talk baby on here, then there won't be much to say! ;)

I think Joe explained this, but I'm totally freaked out by referring to the embryo/fetus as "Baby," so we started calling him "Bowser." We're not sure why it ended up as that, but I can tell you that Bowser is the main villain in the Mario Bros. games...

As for gender... right now something in there is developing, but I haven't a clue which way it will go! I say it's a boy, but that's solely based on thebump's Chinese Gender Predictor Chart (which was correct about Ellie's baby)! Joe thinks its a girl... so we'll see who's right. Really, I have no preference, so as long as it's human I'm happy!

Names... well, we do have names in mind. If it's a boy, well, let's just say that Joe is Joseph Francis Richardson III (you do the math). If it's a girl, well, I'm keeping that our little secret! :)

I'm already being seriously spoiled... and loving it! ;) Joe's been really great with finding me french onion soup whenever I want it (which is probably not a legit craving, I just happen to love it) and taking me to Corner Bakery for grilled cheese and tomato soup. Also, and this is HUGE, Ellie sent me a cushy cuddly body pillow! This is definitely not for the baby-related ailments just yet, rather to rest my crappy-jointed body on!

Thanks for all of the love thats being sent our way... :)

Oh, and a BIG P.S... You know I've been secretly been blogging about this all along, so I've unhidden all of the previous posts which you can find by clicking the label "BABY" at the end of this post! ;)

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~Laura & Geoff~ said...

WOOOWHOO! So Bowser is out of the bag, huh? CONGRATS! I'm going back to reread the baby posts right this second~
Yay for grilled cheese and tomato soup!