Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Back to life, back to reality...

The past few weeks have been, how do you say it, rough! Since all of the 'activity' has died down a bit, Joe and I have been able to get back into our daily routine and catch up on some much needed cuddle time. Okay, so its not as much cuddle time as sitting-in-front-of-the-TV-playing-Lego-Batman time! ;) Yes, I am a complete sucker for Lego games on XBox... there's something about killing bad guys and watching them crumble into a million Lego pieces that sends me into fits of giggles! Joe had gotten me Lego Star Wars before, which was cool because you used a light saber to smash legos, and had been pumping me up for Lego Batman for months! We dove head first into the game on Tuesday and are just past the halfway point of beating it now! The fun part is that after you beat levels as Batman and Robin (Yes, I let Joe keep his dignity and be Batman), you get to play as the villains... Its a really great game to play with 2 players... instead of following each other around, the Riddler needs to mind control people while Poison Ivy kills people with her venomous kiss! And although it won't stop me from saying it, I have a feeling Joe's getting tired of my on liner, "As I told lady freeze when I pulled her plug... <Stomp> This is a one woman show!"
Note to all: If you post a comment telling me how bad Batman Forever was, I will hunt you down and put you into an ice box with my Mr. Freeze Gun... nobody knocks on my Clooney!

Anyway, pulling myself out of geekdom... this weekend was especially nice because I got some much needed girl time! El was in town to catch a concert with Valentine and we all met up in my old stomping ground (Friendship Heights... oh, how I miss my daily walks by Tiffany and Dior) for lunch at Chadwick's! What was intended to be lunch turned into an afternoon of girl talk and catching up! Tim, Valentine's Hubby, was such a good sport in hanging with us and listening to the chatter all day! Of course, it was all over too soon and El is already back in NC... and I'm scheming to find reasons to get down there to visit! ;)
Mix in the trip to IKEA for Crap-etite Fulfillment (Swedish Meatballs!!!), burgers at Mountainside, and a Cowboy @$$ kicking... and you get a totally great weekend! :)

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~Laura and Geoff~ said...

missing you already. keep the scheming going, I gotta see you again soon (this time with da monster)