Thursday, February 19, 2009

Catching Up on the Past Few Weeks...

Joe and I decided to take a non-traditional approach to Valentine's Day this year... we essentially decided to do a nice dinner a week early, courtesy of the Melting Pot Gift Card Gmom and Gpa gave us for Xmas, and gave each other gifts as soon as they were purchased. Tous, my FAVORITE Spanish jewelry designer, opened up a store at Tyson's... Can we say GRACIAS!!?! I virtually danced into the store, basking in old memories of El Corte Ingles and the street performers that were always right outside. I, of course, spotted some new jewelry pieces that I'll eventually get, but was drawn to the handbags in the back of the store. I might as well come out and say it, Joe's not a Burberry fan. Gasp! I know... so sad. So since I've been toting around my Burberry satchel for over a year, he was kinda excited at the prospect of seeing me tote around something new. Okay, so maybe he didn't care as much about a new purse acquisition as I'd like to believe, but he did offer to get me a new bag for Valentine's Day!

Photo courtesy of my Blackberry Storm... pretty good, eh?

Okay, so we had a fabulous Meal at the Melting Pot... I know that fondue isn't for everyone, but dear god do I love this place (it may also have something to do with the fact that it was where Joe took me on our 1st real date)! I could go on for days about the gooey yummers that we had, but I'll spare you most of them... we got the Cheddar Cheese (this is pretty much the only thing I princessily demand), garden salad (which is always amazing... as it should be if I'm wasting stomach space on rabbit food during this meal), Fondue Fusion (I think that's it... we got the platter with Chicken, Shrimp, Filet, and Teriyaki Steak) with the Mojo Broth (kinda bored with Coq au Vin, so we changed it up and were pleased with it), and the Cherry Jubilee Dark Chocolate (which was yummy and a good change from the normal turtle, but seeing that it was a limited engagement thing, we'll be back to the flaming turtle one next time)!

So, by February 8th, we were pretty much done with Valentine's Day... which meant that by the 10th I was itchy to plan to do something for the next weekend (actual VDay!). I looked up the Hershey Bears schedule and saw that they had a game at home on the 14th... and with tickets at only $22 a pop, I told Joe we were going!

Side note: On Friday night I was escorted by two handsome gentleman (Joe and Jeffo) to dinner and a movie... we saw "He's Just Not That Into You" because the boys thought there was too much girl squealing in the Shopaholic preview and E from Entourage was in this one. The movie was fine, but seeing it with two boys was just hilarious... every 5 to 20 minutes one of them would lean into me and say "Do girls really think/do that?" After my consistent answer, "yes," they just shook their heads in wonder! ;)

Okay, so you know I wasn't going to trek that whole 90 minutes to Hershey and not go to Chocolate World!?! So, we headed up a little early and had just enough time to take the Chocolate World Tour, get the song in our head ("It's a Hershey Chocolate World... Wherever I go, whatever I see, Hershey!"), slurp down some milkshakes (York Peppermint and Special Dark Chocolate), before we needed to go to the game! Once we got into the game (which took a while because Joe had to take the camera back to the car b/c it had a detachable lens... hello? Bad policy!) we had a great time! Since the Caps often call up players from the Bears, we have a decent idea of the players and team. My favorite part was seeing Simeon Varlamov (Bears goalie who is out on injury, but will be back and probably called up to the Caps as soon as he's ready) walking around the concourse with some of his friends... he was in street clothes and flying under the radar, but I totally scoped him out and followed his little entourage for a bit (because I'm too chicken to ask for a photo)! Anyway, it was tres cool! We were home by Midnight with pockets full of free samples and totally exhausted (sleeping in the car while Joe drives just takes it out of me ;) )!

We had dinner on Sunday at the Ranch with the Richardson's and ended up going back over there and hanging out on Monday... by the time Monday night rolled around, I was ready for bed! :)

Here are the few photos that I have of the weekend... including a few of our cute pups playing in the snow! :)


~Laura and Geoff~ said...

new rug that Sully is on in the last one?

Roars said...

Yes!! It's a hand-me-down from Nancy... she got a new rug in the family room and had this one cleaned and repaired for us!