Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh MICKEY You're So Fine... ;)

Okay, so I've been totally horrible at posting lately, so here's my attempt to fill in the gaps. Yep, I'm expecting and totally excited... I'm officially in my 15th week, so we're closing in on 4 months! I don't have another doctor appointment for a few weeks, which kinda stinks b/c I had gotten accustomed to being in there every 2 weeks or so! Regardless of if we can see it or not, baby is growing and is approximately the size of a naval orange! Ok, so oranges aren't that exciting, but seeing that it starts out at poppy seed-size, it's progress! Here's a photo from Disney this weekend (more to come below) of Jill and I at Magic Kingdom that shows just how big/little the little booger is!

For those who are wondering, the official "gender determination" ultrasound doesn't come until week 20, so it looks like we'll be finding out around the last week of April/first week of May! Clearly, the little one's parts have already been established, so its not like we can change the outcome, but I've added a fun little poll on the side of the page for you to vote for your guess... I'm not really showing, so that doesn't help much, but feel free to ask any questions that you think could sway your opinion, etc etc. Most of you know my opinion, but I'll let you get your guesses in before I weigh in!

On the non-baby front, I had a FABULOUS weekend in Orlando with the girls! Since Dayna conveniently planned to tie the knot in a fabulous location, we took advantage of the trip and had a little girls (plus Adam!) weekend! Jill's fab sis-in-law, Kelly, actually works at Disney, so she totally hooked us up and got us into the park gratis! Given my "condition," I'm not exactly Splash Mountain-bound, so we opted to spend the day at Animal Kingdom! We had a great day seeing the shows and had killer views of all of the animals on the safari! We finished the day at the Bug's Life 3-D show.... it was totally adorable and the bug-eye glasses were a total bonus! :)

Towa had to tend to her bridesmaid duties on Saturday, so Jill and I spent a few hours at Magic Kingdom and Epcot... when it came down to it, we really only had about 3 hours to play with, so we popped into Magic Kingdom for the obligatory photo opp and headed to Epcot to tour the countries and sit down for "Turtle Talk" with Crush... I highly recommend this show! After the rehearsal dinner, Jill and I bolted back to Epcot for the famous light show! The fireworks are always my favorite part and these were just great!

Dayna and Bill got hitched on Sunday... and it was B-E-A-UTIFUL! The location was picturesque, the bride was totally gorgeous, and there were just smiles all around! It was so nice to sit down with everyone (especially after all of the walking we did all weekend!) and enjoy each other's company!

And now, I'm back to the grind and totally counting down until maternity leave... 175 days to go! ;) J/k... I'm not in that huge of a rush, but I am looking forward to it!

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