Thursday, March 12, 2009


I'm a little late on the update, but last week the puppies and I enjoyed a beautiful snow day! Unfortunately, Joe still had to work, but we had enough fun for everyone! :)

Here's Sul-Sul munching on the snow...

...and you know Sirius went nuts out there!

I took a bunch of photos, so here's a slideshow of everything:

This actually happened the other night when we were putting the boys to bed... This is actually Sully's crate (Sirius' is to the right), so when we told them to "Go to Bed," Sully went right into his... and Sirius decided he wanted to cuddle up with Sul! It didn't last long... I don't think they'd get much sleep crammed in there together, but it sure was cute to see Sirius cuddle up with his little bro! :)

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Valentine said...

They're so cute! I can't wait to have a doggie...until then, I guess I'll just be content with being jealous of yours! =)