Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby Booming!

The baby boom has started... my fabulous boss gave birth to her twin babies on Monday! She now has a baby girl and baby boy joining their older brother and family... I know, talk about being an overachiever! ;) Another gal at work is due at the end of June and then there's a slight pause during July and the beginning of August before the real boom happens... Brandy on Sept 2, Me on Sept 16, Stacey and Erica a week later, Cherie a week after that, Stoney the first week of October, and then a little break before another mini-boom in December! Yes, its baby mania (and is extra fun b/c I keep finding more and more friends on facebook who are preggo!)!

As for me, I'm getting big!

She's really rolling around and kicking in there... which is cute now b/c she's not quite bending it like Beckham yet, so it doesn't hurt! My energy level is at a constant 2, so not too much is getting done after work these days. I'm waiting on the fabric for the nursery so we can color match the paint and get the rollers out! Once it's all painted, we'll set up the crib that my mom got us (Eek! Yay!!) and get the rest of the room figured out. Until then, I'll be hanging out and making taggie blankets for all of the babies on the way! :) Seriously, I love these things (especially now that I can monogram with my new sewing machine)!


Danny and Lauren's Blog said...

You are so cute. You can momgram? Look at you Miss Martha Stewart! I love the bump, rub it,kiss it, give it some love from me. =)

JWolfgramm said...

Rory you look soooo cute!! I love the bump!! I wanna see the bedding!!!!