Friday, May 01, 2009

Let's Go Caps!

I've been very hesitant to blog about the Caps as I don't want to push any luck that may be involved in this year's postseason! But since round one is safely tucked behind us, I'll take this opportunity to smile, breathe, and enjoy the last few hours before round two commences!

Joe and I totally lucked out and were able to go to some games... he stood in line at 4am at DC101 (local radio station) to get his hair hawked and a ticket on the morning of game one. What's even cooler about that whole deal is that he got to chat with Elliot and Diane on the air before he left the station (Sooo cool)!! I went to game two with Big Joe... while the outcome left us with a long and silent ride home on the metro, being in the phone booth for the game was so totally awesome!! Finally, Joe and Eric got to go to game seven! Whew!
With round two vs. the Pens coming up, there's not much more to say than...

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