Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Woooah We're Halfway There...

Woooah, Livin' on a Prayer! ;)

Yep, I'm officially 22 weeks pregnant and have passed the halfway point in this pregnancy! The time has flown by and I've only realized that I've totally slacked on writing about it. I was admittedly hesitant to write earlier in case something would happen, but now that we've seen her (Yes, HER!) a few times, I feel a little more comfortable.

Medically, everything is going really well. She's growing at the right rate (Click here for ultrasound photos) and I'm expanding accordingly (Eek!)! Any birth defects due to the RA medication I'm on have been ruled out and all doctors seem pretty happy with us at the moment. Aside from being completely exhausted all the freakin' time, I'm feeling pretty good... I lucked out and didn't really have morning sickness and have had minimal prenancy-related complaints. As for the RA, well, it's still there. I've resigned myself to the fact that it's not going into remission (if it was, it would have happened about a month ago) and am doing as well as can be expected on the prednisone. The only negative side effects (for me, it doesn't effect baby girl at all) is that it really negatively effects my mood (preggo hormones + prednisone = fun times for Joe to deal with me and my mood rollercoaster!) and my appetite ( again, yay for the combo of preggo weight and prednisone weight... not so much.). All-in-all, I'm going to save my real complaints for when it's 90+ degrees outside and I'm huge and swollen! :)

On the preparing-for-baby's-arrival-font, everything is just getting started. I'm starting to look at furniture and have started a registry at Babies R Us... who knew there was so much stuff out there!?! It's a bit difficult sorting through the multitude of options for everything and overwhelming when you take a look at how much it all costs! Little things to most people can become huge issues for someone with RA... making sure the crib has a drop-side so I can pick her up on stiff days, making sure I can buckle/unbuckle carseat harnesses (seriously, I've only found one that I can do!), ditto for collapsing/opening/picking up strollers, and the list goes on. Luckily, I have friends and family whom I can turn to for advice opinions... but even then, I run the risk of getting differing opinions (ie, Diaper Genie? Diaper Champ? Diaper Dekor?... three different people, three different opinions!)! Then again, the differing opinions don't deter me from asking! With summer camp around the corner, I know my usually angellic husband's attention is going to be shifting from ordering cribs and strollers to popsicles and soccer balls. Joe's been totally patient and fabulous with me so far, so I'm trying to get the big stuff decided before he starts stressing about work and my asking for opinions seems like nagging to him! ;) We're having fun with it all, but needless to say, preparing for the little one's arrival is going to be an ongoing process!

We already have a little collection of baby stuff accumulating in the room that we're going to use as a nursery. I've got my diaper bag ready (the shopping stars aligned and gave me a good sale at the Coach outlet while I had a gift card to use!) and have the little fashionista's closet already started (mostly due to her two generous grandmothers who love to shop)! We're in the process of clearing out the room and will hopefully get painting in the next few weeks!

All-in-all, everything is going pretty well! :) Just get me through the rest of the NHL playoffs and it'll be smooth sailing! ;)


~Laura and Geoff~ said...

this post made me smile HUGE for the first time since being here. thank you!

JWolfgramm said...

you're lookin great Rory!! Love the baby bump!! I love how her closet is already has lots of cute clothes in it!