Friday, June 26, 2009

I never met a test I didn't pass... except for 7th grade math! :-/

Went to the doctor yesterday to get my glucose test results and I passed with flying colors! :)

I'm now down to 2 week intervals between OB appointments (versus monthly)... eek! This is really happening!
Dr. A seemed pleased with the glucose test results and how I'm measuring up on the preggo charts... I had a decent weight jump at my appointment 2 weeks ago, but am back on track now. The one surprise was that the blood test discovered that I'm anemic, so I'm off to CVS to pick up some Iron supplements. I guess that helps explain my constant (and extreme) fatigue over the last few months!
Baby Girl is definitely having fun squirming around in there... there's not as much "kicking" as I expected, but more of some dancing and shuffling around! Don't get me wrong, girl likes to kick, but I'm amazed at how much rockin' and rollin' she's doing... my belly bump tends to shift from side to side throughout the day as she can't seem to decide which side is more comfortable to lay on. The other night Joe started poking her (the side of my belly) and actually got a hold of a foot (or whatever appendage) that she was extending... which she didn't enjoy too much b/c she then squirmed around and kicked for the next five minutes!
I'll have more photos soon, but the one here is a quick self-portrait that I took in my office to satisfy those of you who have been demanding more photos of the growing baby bump!
(Yes, I feel huge already!)


Dayna said...

Yeah Rory is going to be a Mommy!!!! I love the picture and yes I was one that was demanding more pictures.

Elena said...

good picture, good Rory, good Baby Girl=))))

Just remembered old joke^^
2 blondies talking:
- Yesterday I had a pregnancy test....
- Hmm, were the questions difficult?