Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby Steps: Still Painting...

Last night Joe painted the first coat of Springtime Bloom...

...on the bottom half of the nursery walls. Yay!

Again, can't help but gush about my cutie hubbs... Monday night I hawked his hair for Camp Olympics and Tuesday morning he offered an obscene amount of "olympics points" to any counselor who jumped up on stage during town hall and hawked their heads! Eek! I thought (maybe) he'd get 2 or 3 people, but when I spoke with him at noon he had already hawked about TEN heads... including one of the girl counselors! Rock On Mountainside! ;)

Also, before I get back to the painting, I'd like to note that he was so anxious to start painting that he forgot to change... and realized after the photo above that he was wearing his beloved WB DIRECTOR shirt (which he wears at least once a week!... Thanks ABC!)! Needless to say, I quickly ran and got him a shirt he didn't mind getting pink on!

Back to painting... As my main job was to supply nourishment for the laborer (Read: Coldstone Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip), I wasn't supervising the whole time. I did, however; manage to walk into the paint can and pinkify my only decent pair of maternity pants! Ack!

No worries though, I got most of it out since I realized my faux pas right away. The bottom line is that we're making progress on Baby Girl's room!

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themoores said...

ror - it looks fabulous!!! can't wait to meet her!!!