Monday, July 13, 2009

Showered with Love!

I've been mentally preparing this post for the last two weeks, but the bottom line is that I'm still so overwhelmed by everything that it's hard for me to find the right words! Here's my best effort...

After much determination, I had gotten two facts about my Baby Shower out of Joe:
1. It was being planned and is taking place.
2. I couldn't know anything else about it.

Fast forward to Saturday, June 27th...

Joe had made me clean the house all week, so I woke up a little crabby and just wanting to veg all weekend. Among the cleaning that continued Saturday morning, he decided to throw me a bone and put together the crib while I got dressed for a BBQ at Shira's. She had told me 3:30ish, so I was ready to go at 3, but a camp parent called Joe and kept him on the phone for what seemed like an eternity. I was annoyed (everyone knows I hate to be late!). Not trying to take it out on Joe (its not his fault that the parent called, he was just taking care of business), I reverted into Crabby Rory on the way over to Shira's.

As we turned on to her street, all crankiness disappeared when I saw pink and green balloons and a ton of cars... Hmm, BBQ my @$$!! ;)

Luckily, the driveway was still clear (yet another indicator of something fishy... usually everyone pulls in and we deal with the aftermath later) and we pulled right in and discovered a ton of people under a pretty white tent! "Overwhelmed" is an understatement...

I kept my composure as I walked forward... seeing my Elon girls was totally surreal and it didn't really settle in that they were there... and I started to say Hi to everyone. All composure went out the window when I turned around and Leslie was there! What?! Wait... is that ABC?!

Quite honestly, it all went so quickly and I barely had time to soak in the next few hours. Instead of a play-by-play, here are some highlights:

The Theme: Tea Party! So cute! So perfect!

The Hostess: Shira with help from Nancy and the Kilcoyne girls! SOOOO thankful for Shira... she's the best (not just for the shower, but in more ways than I can get into on a blog)!

The Food: Totally Delish!

The People: Friends and family from all over! Kilcoynes, Chamberlins, Richardsons, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Work, Elon... everyone!!

Awesome Idea: Note to future baby shower hosts, Do this... Instead of cards, everyone brought a book for the baby and wrote a note in it! (I know, so perfect)! ABC gave us Frog and Toad... one of my favorites!

The Generosity: Baby Girl and I were simply spoiled rotten! The list of goodies would go on for days as we got ALL of the essential gear, so many adorable outfits, and just about every pink thing you could find in a store! I was in heaven!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos with my hostess (my camera was in the car that Joe escaped with... and yes, I'd like to note how fabulous my hubby was in packing a "pretty outfit" in the car for me to change into!!), but here are a few other photos of family and friends:

Days like this happen so rarely in your lifetime, so it's totally hard to describe them in a few paragraphs! It was a wonderful day... I'm so blessed to have such fabulous friends and family... and now can't flipping wait for Baby Girl to get here!!

Thank you!

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