Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Whoa baby... 37 weeks... wait, I only have 3 more weeks before Baby Girl starts making her way out!? Holy sh!t! Crap, that's not exactly parent-to-be language, but the little one has heard much worse already (sorry!)!  Where the eff did time go?!
Yes, I've entered a little bit of a freak out phase of life right now.  Last time I checked, I was merrily rolling along enjoying summer... and totally neglected to realize that every day of summer was ticking down and dwindling away!  Every Monday I took note of what week of camp it was and it totally didn't hit me that it's already week 10 (the last week)!  Earlier in the summer, Anita (who is running week 10 with Joey at Mountainside) made me promise not to have the baby during week 10... I chuckled and was like "Oh no, we'll have 3 more weeks to go at that point, no worries." And then... Brandy decided to pop Mason out at 38 weeks and all of a sudden I've realized that Baby Girl is done with the crucial part of cooking (i.e., if you stuck a toothpick in there it would come out clean and not covered in almost-cooked cake goo) and is now just fattening up (because that's her Dad's main request... that she be a chunker). 
In addition to getting past week 10, I've said the phrase "Just get me to September" to anyone who asks me about my preferences on the date of Baby Girl's debut.  I said this to Joe this weekend and he looked at me and said, "Um, Roars... September is next week.  You know that, right!?"  Well crap, nope... sure as heck didn't realize that.  I had anticipated a bad case of preggo brain in relation to dates and such, so I ordered Joe's birthday presents over a month early to make sure they were here in time for Sept 1st... and totally didn't realize that time kept on ticking and his birthday is now only a week away!  Ack!
Bottom Line: Rory lost track of time.
On the flip side, I had my 37 week check-up yesterday with Dr. Wolfgram... he's definitely the quietist of my doctors, but takes his time with everyone and is just so nice and genuine!  He checked out my "growth" (i.e., he measured the bump) and confirmed that it's strong and growing... did a few of the fab OB tests that they have to do before birth (ick!)... and checked out Baby Girl's evacuation route to determine if she's wanting out anytime soon... and she's not! Okay; so we don't know that for sure, but it's safe to say that the only dilation going on here is when my eyes are exposed to sunlight! :) Woo Hoo!! 
Knowing that she's not making her way out already totally calmed my nerves and we have a much happier Rory today! We have a birthday to celebrate next week, Joe's planning on doing some home improvements and taking a much needed break from work for a few days, labor day weekend (where we're planning on not doing a darn thing), and I have a few projects to get through at work before I'm ready to go into labor...
Baby Girl,
Do your Mama a favor... Just keep on cookin' for at least another two weeks!


Dayna said...

Your going to be a Mommy soon!!!! Yeah!!!!

themoores said...

Your message to Baby Girl should have ended with Love, Mom...
holy sh!'re a mom!!!