Thursday, September 03, 2009

Please Mom, No Photos Today...

THIS is what you get when you try to get a photo of your darling daughter at 38 weeks (or "-2 weeks old")...
For those of you who don't spend everyday looking at ultrasounds, that would be her hand covering up her face.  Apparently she considers the ultrasound tech to be paparazzi and was shielding herself from the tabloids! ;)
Luckily, all of the vital stuff is looking good and she should be done cooking in about two weeks!  My feeling today is that we're looking at her arriving between the 16th and 20th, so don't even think of calling me on the 15th and asking if she's here yet.  Suffice it to say; if I'm in labor, everyone will know... if she decides to ignore her Mama's wishes timeline and come early, everyone will know... if she as much as kicks me funny in the next two weeks, everyone will know.  No news is good news, so no freaking out if you don't hear anything! :-D
This week has been busy as Joe celebrated his 27th Bob-Villa-Style (working on the house), but that in itself deserves it's own post... so stay tuned! :)

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