Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Okay, so I've tried to get a post up of the whole "Dagny's Entry into the World" saga, but it's such a whopper of a story and every time I've gotten online to do it in the past two weeks I get half of it cranked out and then am interrupted!

I'll get back to that in due time, but for now just wanted to crawl out from the rock we've been under to say Hello! Today we headed down to Chevy Chase (gosh, how I miss living there!) and spent the afternoon with Christine, Maya, Tiago, and Luka! Man, I thought I had my hands full... the twins are just adorable and she certainly has her work cut out for her! We had a great time hanging out and catching up!

Joe is busy at Mountainside with St Andrew's this week, so it's kinda lonely on the home front... Sirius and Sully are loving Dagny to pieces (literally, they lick her so much!), but she's ready for some excitement! We'll see what the next few days bring... ;)

Oh, and I've been uploading photos to the shutterfly site...

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