Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Documenting a Meltdown Near Center Ice...

Let's just start off by saying Daggers is not a meltdown kinda girl... if she cries it means she's hungry, tired, or needs to be changed. There was one night a few months ago when she cried for about 45 minutes before falling asleep, but other than that, she's been drama free thus far. "Thus far" being the key words in that sentence...

Yesterday Dagny got her 4 month shots at the pediatrician... I knew she had to go into the office, but totally didn't realize that they'd be jabbing her with 2 needles in addition to other poking and prodding. Joe was an absolute champ for taking her and dealing with the whole situation... he got her calmed down and she even closed her eyes for a few minutes on the way home. He had quickly run home to feed the puppies, but then headed downtown to see me and go to the Caps game! Woo Hoo, right?! When they got here, I knew something was off b/c she wasn't her normal smiley self, but chalked it up to the shots and being tired (she was awake the whole metro ride down). We had a nice dinner at Teaism before walking up in the bitter cold to Verizon Center.

She was loving life in the Bjorn until the beautiful notes of Oh Canada began to play (and no, I'm not being sarcastic - I truly LOVE the Canadian national anthem! LOVE IT! I'm not sure why, but I absolutely LOVE playing Canadian teams because I get to hear it live!). In perfect Dagny form (ie. the same thing she did at the previous 2 games), she started crying as soon as the anthems begin. We previously were able to calm her and smile apologetically at everyone around us as our little girl belts her own tune. Last night- not so much.

She cried... and cried... and cried. Joe took her out on the concourse to walk and calm her down, but as soon as she calmed and he brought her back to the seats, she was crying again! I then took her out, did a few laps around the Phone Booth and watched from the top of our section and she was relatively calm. That is, until we went to our seats and Joe smiled at her. Yes, it was one of those meltdowns where her making eye contact with anyone brought in another phase of uncontrollable sobs. I'm thinking it had to be a combo of her getting shots earlier in the day and then not getting any rest (Oh, and there was a massive "blow out" on the metro that I got to deal with when they got there! ICK!)... that or the fact that nobody scored in the 1st period, but my smiley D somehow turned into this crying machine!

Luckily, she fell asleep in Joe's arms right before the 2nd period and she managed to sleep through the horns and three Caps goals... to be honest, I think it was Semin's 1st tally of the night that woke her up, but she woke up a new baby! Well, she was back to her old self! She was happy and watched the rest of the game from the Bjorn without a care in the world (we were up 3-1 at the time and won the game 4-2). At the end of the night, she was awesome again, but not without that little blip on the radar! ;)

In true Caps fashion, they have photographers around the arena taking fan shots of everyone that you can later buy online... most of the time I'm dying to find one, but last night they found us- separately! They caught Joe doing the Dagger-Calm-Down stroll at the beginning of the 1st period, me at the end of the period, and probably thought "Oh, it's the baby's 1st hockey game so they'll want a photo." Neither of us had the heart to say, "Um, its her third game and now is not the time," so we grinned and bore it as they snapped away. Needless to say, these aren't the smiley photos of Dagny that we've grown accustomed to...

On a side note... I'm minorly obsessed with team's colors and LOVE it when the opposing team's colors coordinate with our fabulous Red and Blue! For example, I cringe when we play San Jose- teal/black vs red/blue!? Come on!! Last night; however, is probably my favorite combo because we have the same colors and aside from the checking and beating each other up, everything (or at least the colors... the Caps rocking the red and the Habs in the white with red/blue) is in perfect harmony on the ice! ;) Yes, I'm a dork, but I love it!

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