Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting Crafty!

I've been so preoccupied with Dagny over the past few (almost six!) months and haven't really found time to get crafty!  We made a quilt for our missionary in Japan before Christmas, but aside from a few photo frames here and there - any free time has been spent with Daggers!
Drew, Joe's middle brother, is engaged... have I mentioned that!? He met the sweetest girl, Katie, while on his mission in Utah last year.  It started with a few letters back and forth, but the short story is that they're engaged and will be married in the Portland Temple on June 26th!  Katie is a wonderful addition to our family and I love her so much... she's jumped right into the swing of things and it's getting hard to remember a time without her here!  Anyway, today is her birthday and I really wanted to make something for her!
This is what I came up with... a message board!  There will eventually be photos in the frames on the top, but I figured I'd let her fill those in herself!  I just wanted to make her something useful and fun... just hope she likes it!
I'll be giving it to her tonight, but since I'm pretty confident she doesn't even know I have a blog- I'm sharing my fun project with you all now!  If you do happen to see her before she gets the gift (Ahem, Joe), ruin the surprise and you will have to answer to one fired up mama! ;)


JWolfgramm said...

so so cute Rory!!! good job!

laurel said...

Oh Katie's very lucky indeed! Love what you did with the did you decorate it?

Fowler Tribe said...

That is so cute. My birthday is in You are so wonderful to Katie, thanks for being there for her. I know she just loves you.