Friday, August 20, 2010

GiGi and Dagny... GMYBS

Meet Jane, a.k.a. Grandmother or GiGi (Great Grandmother), one of the most awe inspiring women I've ever met!  Jane is Joe Sr's mother who, despite her age of 93 years young, has more energy than I can muster in a week!

Last week we were able to see Grandmother quite a bit during the Flagg Family Reunion on Vinalhaven.  She lives in the most beautiful little house - full of antiques and photos from her childhood - right on a gorgeous lake on the island.  Her house is one of my favorite places in the world-- it's just the most heavenly places I've ever been to!

Back to GiGi... in addition to all of the activities of the Reunion, Kevin arranges for a photographer to take photos of each family.  We always meet in GiGi's backyard and wade through the chaos of family photos for such a huge family (and sub-families!).  Everyone is always clamoring for a photo with GiGi and I was no different -- although I have photos of her and Dagny from when they met (sadly, my christmas photos were lost in an accidental reformatting of my memory card), I wanted to get one to commemorate the reunion.

Now, there's one thing that Grandmother does that drives me crazy... she will not smile for the camera.  Ever.  If she knows that you're taking photos of her, she always has her mouth closed with a little grin-- a far cry from her beautiful natural smile that we see so often!  It took me taking about 15 quick shots of the two of them (while telling Grandmother to freaking smile) to get her to crack a smile and capture it on film!  When I went back to edit, I was so pleased to find this one.  I'll treasure it forever!

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Raise Them Up said...

I'm so glad you caught this smile! It's a great picture and definitely a keeper. :)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

what awesome memories and what a special photo to along with them.