Friday, August 06, 2010

A Space to Play - GMYBS

This past weekend I convinced Joe that I would pack up the baby swing and bouncer in the corner of the living room if I was able to make a little play area for Dagny in that spot. We had to go to Toys R Us to buy my nephew a birthday present, so while I was there I found foam mat squares to put down on our hardwood floors. Dagny fell asleep in the car on the way home and actually stayed asleep for a good 30 minutes once we got her in the house (while still in her car seat). I quickly went to work disassembling all of the parts of the swing and bouncer and recruited Joe for the hard stuff. He graciously helped me and then quietly moved all of the stuff we were packing away into the dining room area. I pulled out the foam squares and realized that I wouldn't need all 36 squares that the box included, so I got creative and spelled out Dagny's name and used numbers around them... it makes a difference to her, I know! ;)

Anyway, when she woke up I carried her over to the mats and could tell she was excited to see her gloworm (her favorite! I actually have one upstairs and the one from daycare came home and is downstairs), the obnoxious leap frog that we're always hiding (because it's loud!), some books, the steering wheel toy that was passed on from the Jones boys, and all of her usual toys.

While she doesn't stay on the mat at all times -- if we're not paying her enough attention she either screams at us or crawls over to where we are -- I'm happy that we created a little play area for her!

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laurel said...

Look at that BABY!!!! TOO cute for words~