Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Water Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink!

 Weird day yesterday. Anything that had to do with water went straight to hell. Guess I pissed off Poseidon when I told everyone that Percy Jackson movie sucked :(
--Joe Richardson, Facebook

Location: Ranch Pool
Incident: An attempt to raise the water level in the pool resulted in it overflowing as the water was left on for 24 hours.  Water level probably needed to go up 3 or 4 inches (max!) and flows at the rate of an inch an hour... 24 hours x 1 inch/hour = 24 inches = wayyyy overflowed!
Result: Camp was soaked, no chemicals left in the pool... still out of order.
My Husband's Mood: Pissed.

Location: Mountainside Pool
Incident: Chlorinator isn't working.
Result: It's green.
My Husband's Mood: Annoyed.

Location: Our House
Incident: The water company's billing system didn't connect the dots and apply my payment to our account.
Result: While we were at work yesterday they shut off our water.  By the time I got home and saw the notice, tried the faucet, and called customer service it was after 5:30 and they were closed.  I sat on hold trying to get in touch with the water emergency line for one hour and two minutes before hanging up.  Resigning to the fact that we had no water, we poured some Evian for the pups (or whatever filtered or bottled water there was in the fridge) and headed out to dinner (Coal Fire Pizza in Kentlands... Yum!!).  After getting ready at our respective workplaces this morning (and realizing that my office building's gym is practically a spa - I should do that more often!), I called customer service at exactly 7:30 am, listened to the operator apologize profusely and waive the reconnection fee (damn straight!), and am assured it will be back on by the time I get home.
My Huband's Mood: Resigned to the fact that it was not his day.
My Mood: Annoyed as heck.

The silver lining: Dagny is having the time of her life with Gramme, Kippy, GGpa, and GGMom at the Shore!

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