Friday, September 10, 2010

A Big Girl Birthday Lunch... GMYBS

This is the last installment of the activities of Dagny's actual birthday... we'll be having a BBQ party for her tomorrow, but that's a whole other story!

Since we were downtown at the Zoo, Joe and I decided to take Dagny to one of our favorite pre-move-to-the-suburbs restaurants... 2Amys!  We used to go there quite frequently when we lived in Glover Park, but over the past few years we haven't really had the opportunity to get there.  They have the most wonderful Margherita Pizza and I'm not lying to you when I say that my mouth is watering right now as I speak about it!

Dagny was as well behaved as a one year old on her birthday could be and we had the most marvelous meal of bruschetta and pizza! Yum!!

I know this photo isn't the most technically correct one out there, but it makes me giggle because she was gumming that thing so hard and trying her best to eat that crust!  Not only did she devour that crust, but she had her fair share of bruschetta and most of the crust off of my pizza!  Anything for the birthday girl!

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abc said...

...I just want to touch those little curly blonde hairs...! I SO WISH I COULD BE THERE THIS WEEKEND...killing me.

Lolli said...

We need to get together soon! I just want to eat up those cheeks!