Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I don't know if I've been told...

Someone here is getting old!
Bad news is we sing off key...
Good news is we sing for free!
Happy Birthday to you!

Yep, you guessed it... today is Joe's birthday!  Instead of singing the Mountainside birthday song to him in person (which would result in dogs howling at me from afar when they hear my awful voice!), I kindly blogged it to him! ;)

My big birthday present to Joe was a pair of tickets to the Manchester City FC vs Inter Milan FC match in Baltimore and a nice dinner at the Inner Harbor!  We had a nice evening walking around Baltimore and taking in some live soccer!
Since this all happened a month ago, Dagny and I also picked up a few nifty gifties and gave them to the Birthday Boy when he decided to celebrate his day two days early (Note: We ALWAYS do this -- Not once have we waited until Christmas Day for gift exchanges and only a few times have we given gifts on our actual birthdays.  It's just how we do it at our house... until Dagny gets older at least!)!  We've already dug into the obligatory Whole Foods Fruit Cake and look forward to dinner with his family tonight at Bugaboo!

I certainly hope my schweetums -- the best hubby ever -- has a fabulous birthday! ;) :)

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