Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Party Animals!

We celebrated Dagny's 1st Birthday at....
The Smithsonian National Zoo!

We went to Bugaboo Steak House for Joe's birthday last week and Dagny was just fascinated with the talking animals on the walls-- she stared at them the whole time just waiting for them to move and talk!  So when we were thinking of something to do for her birthday, we thought she'd enjoy seeing real animals!

Luckily, we got to get pretty close and she got to see the Sloth Bears on the Asia Trail.  She stared right at the one that was closest to us and pointed and clapped (trying to get his attention, I supposed) while all of the other kids cried and whimpered when he looked our way!

I think the highlight for her was the Orangutan exhibit.  As we were walking up, one of the orangutans came outside and started climbing the poll (which led to a system of ropes to swing on)... He caught Dagny's eye and we could tell she was trying to figure out how he did that!  After seeing some more eating lunch inside, we came back out at this guy was walking over the walkway on one of the rope bridges.  It was definitely cool!

I think she'll really "get it" when we come back in a year or two, but we definitely had fun walking around and seeing our birthday girl happy as can be!


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