Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday... Celebrating a Dear Friend's Engagement!

My dearest Vycki is engaged.  Finally.  Not that she's old or anything like that-- we've just known that Adam was "the one" and have been waiting for him to pop the ultimate question for a little while!  They have the cutest apartment and the sweetest puppy-child, Lola, so it's natural that she has a friend like me who just couldn't wait to eagerly accept the role of bridesmaid and live vicariously through her as she plans her wedding (after all, it's been over 5 years for me-- I'm itching for another big party!)!  Vycki also happens to have wonderful soon-to-be-in-laws who threw the happy couple a wonderful engagement party!

Here are some photos for my, umm... "Wordless" Wednesday! ;) So much for the wordless part, but you know how I am! ;)

Love her!!

BFFs -- Polka Dot with her Auntie V

The Cool Kids Table
Note: This photos were taken by V, with her camera... I had a total airhead and brought my entire camera bag, but forgot to put a memory card in the camera! Ack!!

Better in Bulk

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Casey Martinez said...

happy engagement to your friend!! YEAh for another reason to celebrate!!