Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Balancing Act... a not-so-Wordless Wednesday post!

Within seconds (yes, seconds) of walking into the Little Gym in Frederick, MD for a birthday party, Little D spotted the balance beam and climbed up on it.  I can verify that it was in "seconds," not minutes, because I walked in,set down my bag and was alerted by Boss Lady that "Is it okay for D to be up here?!" before I had time to pull my camera out of my tote.  This child is fearless... and I LOVE it!

P.S. Are you catching the Sandy/Olivia Newton John vibe like her Gramme did!? I'm totally digging her Tar-zhay jeggings (even if they're big on her- I refuse to buy 12m clothes any longer so she'll have to grow into the 18m!) and the Tar-zhay shirt I made her... What?! I made a shirt? Well, I bought the shirt, but embellished it using iron-on decals that I made with my new Silhouette SD! Joe bought me the Silhouette for my birthday and I'm totally obsessed...

Better in Bulk

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Laura said...

That reminds me SO much of Rachel. She was fearless and SO capable. I knew she was ok, she knew she was ok, but she would freak strangers out (like Dagny, she was...ok, IS TINY).