Monday, July 18, 2011

Introducing... "Doodle Says"

Now that our little D's vocabulary is expanding at a quicker pace than I imagined, she's already starting to say some things that make us crack up.  Probably not out of the ordinary for anyone with a toddler, but I want to document them regardless... I don't know how frequently I'll get around to posting them, but I want to at least make the effort!

While at the beach last week D reportedly came up to Nancy and Pop Pop and said, "Nancy! Good idea-- Stroller and Pizza!?" and then proceeded to bring them the stroller.  They then went to get pizza (of course! Doodle asked for it!) and she ate two slices!  Joe and I were slightly sceptical about this interchange, but after Pop Pop retold the story to different people a few times, we're guessing that it actually happened!

Here are a few bedtime versions of "Doodle Says"

Me: Doodle, It's time for a nap...
Doodle: Shh, Nagny Seepin.
*Yes, when she says her name it sounds like "Nagny," and yes, she's wearing her Ariel bathing suit over her clothes and sleeping with a princess cell phone.  Some things are not worth a fight!

Me (Waking her up from a long nap): Doodle, time to wake up...
(rub her back... D rolls over on to her belly and curls up even tighter)
Doodle: groan. (Just like her Dad does!)
Me: Do you want to stay in bed and sleep?
Doodle: (Pops her head up) "Yes. Nagny Seep." (Burrows back into her pile of pillows and stuffed animals)
I actually walked out of the room and closed the door... she ended up waking up a few minutes later, but it gave me a chance to giggle and tell Joe about it!

 I am truly thankful that this child sleeps... she's slept in her crib from 6 weeks old and through the night at 3 months.  After blog-bragging, she'll have a rough night tonight that I will complain about for days, but she's usually pretty good (and I must admit that I don't mind rocking her if she has trouble falling asleep-- gives me some quality cuddle time)!

Just for good measure, here's a glimpse into her crib (or at least part of it)... 

She has her princesses, "Seeping Booty" and "Pincess Belle-Booty Beast," her two puppies (one being used as a pillow, one not shown), her Leapfrog My Pal Violet, one or two pillows (only one in this photo), her cup of water, a blanket, Wolfie (not shown), Marine Bear (not shown), and Slapshot (not shown).

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laurel said...

In a strange way, the picture of her curled up reminds me of the photo of Will in the cabinet!