Friday, August 12, 2011

Calling Betty Draper... PSF/GMYBS

I love watching Doodle learn to express herself in different ways.  Sunglasses have been a staple for quite a while and I love when I can find a $2 pair at the store that she adores. This week it has been through headbands... this girl loves her some hair accessories!  I can't help but picture her as a young Betty Draper in this photo I took the other day:

If you watch Mad Men, you know that with all of Betty's good looks, there's a "little" side of her that can be, well, it rhymes with "itchy."  Doodle, as she's just a month short of turning 2 years old, has also begun to express herself in this "itchy," or toddler, fashion.  Yep, tantrums.  They tend to be brought on because the Princess & The Frog has ended, she finished her Princess Juice (Capri Sun Waters- She thinks the surfer looks like a princess) and wants another, she wants a Topsickle before her breakfast, or Sirius looked at her funny.  Normal stuff, really.

Last night she was outside with Daddy while he grilled steaks (I'll get to my Omaha Steaks obsession in a later post!) and requested macaroni and cheese for dinner.  Sweet.  I can do that. She's finally understanding that some things take a few minutes ("Wait for the beep" - a la microwave or an answering machine - works well!) and was pretty patient while I made it.  I came outside to let her know that it was on the table... and that's when she broke down.

She got pissed for about 30 seconds, stood up, said "I'm done," trotted in to the kitchen table and proceeded to eat two bowls of macaroni.  I can handle 30 second tantrums... just crossing my fingers that it doesn't get too much worse than this!

It makes me think... would I hate Betty Draper less if her tantrums were so short lived and harmless? DH is convinced that she is pure evil, but I find myself wanting to love her and find the good in her.  What do you think?

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Pam said...

Those glasses are adorable on her! Nice shot!