Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Raise Your Hand" if You're a Princess...

Yes, my 2 year old has perfected the princess wave... and just in time to put it on display at the Maryland Renaissance Festival this past weekend!  Given this girl's slight obsession with princesses, her Daddy had the great idea of taking her out to the festival so she can see the horseys, a good ole' joust (the state sport of Maryland, of course!), and princesses galore!

Our hour-long trek turned into a three-hour wait in traffic as everyone else in the flipping state had the same idea... Sunday was a gorgeous day and we all wanted to take advantage of it.  Luckily, our newly potty-trained daughter "held it" for the entire drive (3 hours!!) and we were able to get to the privies before an accident occurred-- a small miracle, indeed.

Had the festival not been packed to the brim with commoners like us, I think Doodle may have had a better time... there were too many people rushing around to really let her roam and there wasn't even a chance of getting a seat in one of the theaters around the place.  The actors were bombarded by the crowds so it wasn't even possible for Doodle to get an audience with his and her majesties. 

We did manage to sneak up behind the last row of seats for the joust and held Doodle so she could see... she was enthralled with it and seeing her little "Ooh!" and "Aah!" made it all worth the trip!  While she wanted nothing to do with Daddy's turkey leg, we did manage to grab a few snacks and play with some fancy bubbles before we left!

I'd highly recommend the festival... just perhaps on a less crowded day (if it exists)!

Have you been to a renaissance festival?! Did you love it!?

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Kristi said...

She has got that wave down! Cute!