Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Back From Vacation... and a Little Halloween! ;)

This past week has been a photography whirlwind...

Joe and I had a wonderful little vacation in New Orleans! We walked around the French Quarter, explored antique shops, and ate a meal nearly every 4 hours (slight exaggeration, but we did eat three meals a day in fabulous restaurants)!  I tried my hand at taking photos of food, but quickly realized that I'm definitely sticking to portraits... food just doesn't speak to me in that way.  When I layed my eyes on those gorgeous beignets, taking a photo was the last thing I was thinking of (it was more like, "Get in my belly!"). 

My dear friend Vycki got married on Saturday in Biloxi!  I had my camera, but was slightly too busy (I was a 'maid!) and slightly too emotional over the whole thing to be able to take a step back and focus on the photos.  As Joe often reminds me to do, instead of photographing it, I was living in the moment.  I argue that I can do both, but still... it was a gorgeous day and I get all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it!

More on those two events in another post... I'm still digesting it all!

Last night was Halloween (duh!)!  Because we live in a community of townhouses, we have hosted Halloween/Trick-or-Treating the last few years.  Given that the "babies" are only two, we didn't make them run a trick-or-treat marathon-- just up and down our block.  It's not like they'll get to eat most of the candy, anyway! ;) Grandma Nancy and Pop pop came over to spend the evening with Doodle and Mason... We had a fun night in and stuffed ourselves with a big pasta dinner while D & M played with D's toys.  Again, I have tons of photos that I'm still trying to wrap my head around! ;)

For now, here is a little storyboard of Doodle's Halloween history...
2009 - 7 Weeks Old at the Caps Game Dressed Up as Slapshot's Sidekick, "Wristshot"
2010 - Nearly 14 Months Old as a Little Piggy
2011 - 2 Years Old (or nearly 26 months old) as "Seeping Booty"

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