Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Greetings...

I know it's not yet Thanksgiving, but if I'm being honest here, I've conquered about a third of my holiday shopping already!  I'm usually not that ahead of the game, but this year I got the urge to start a little early.  It's thrown my usual routine out of whack... I usually tackle holiday cards before I even begin creating lists!

Over the past few years I've designed my own cards and tried to be a little "punny" with them... but I don't know that I'm feeling it this year.  It's not for a lack of inspiration, rather I've found a site whose creations I truly adore... TinyPrints. I know many readers will have a simple reply, "Duh!"  I know, I know.  If you haven't yet worked with them, it's ridiculously easy! 

I actually used Tiny Prints Greeting Cards last year for my last-minute Christmas cards-- I was able to have them sent directly to the recipient and marveled at how quickly they arrived!  In fact, after being inspired by a mini-photo shoot with Doodle last January, our family received their Valentine greetings from there as well.  Check out how cute they are...

I know, right!?

While I'll share a few of my favorite holiday designs, I'm keeping the official card under wraps... mainly because we're having photos taken by Lolli on Friday (I'm SO excited!!!) and I'll want to make sure they coordinate!

Here are some ones I adore...

There are so many directions to go with all of the great designs... and I simply won't know until we get our photos back!

Which is your favorite design?

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