Monday, December 12, 2011

One adorable furry face... @iheartfaces

Reindeer Antlers?! Seriously, Mom?!

This weekend I took family photos for a good friend who just got married in October... and while I love her dearly, I must admit that I was SO excited to see her puppy, Lola!

Lola was all smiles for me until the sweater and antlers came out.  Much like my parents' dog, Finley, she froze up as soon as they dressed her up!  I did manage to get some ones of her looking at me, but love this one... it's a face that you give someone to remind them that the only reason you're currently doing something you hate because you love them and want to make them happy! ;) Believe me, I know what I'm talking about on this one-- Mr Roars gives me this look all-the-freaking-time!

There's been a ton going on around here and I will eventually get to sharing some news (New Job Alert!), some new family photos courtesy of Lolli (waiting until the holiday cards are mailed for his one!), a little insight into my vacation routine (Hint: It includes daily doses of yoga and pilates!), and some good ole' catching up with Doodle (Did you see her reaction when she saw her new bed?! Check it out).
And now I must sign off as my own puppies are pawing at the door and whining as loud as they can to remind me that they need to be fed (I didn't forget-- they're just hungry a bit earlier than usual!)!

Do you have pets?!
Do they get outfits for special occasions?!
What does Santa bring them?!


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Shannon1971 said...

OH! OH! OH! That is such a SWEET capture! Love her precious FACE! :) Nice shot!

**************** said...

What a sweet face :o)

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How CUTE!!! :)