Monday, December 05, 2011

Repeat the Sounding Joy...

'Tis the season to be jolly and we're doing our best to uphold our part of the bargain this year!  Last night we decorated our Christmas Tree...

I don't know how the tree-decorating process goes at your house, but here's what it looks like over here:
~Tree Selection: Joe and I discuss whether or not it's worth it to pull out the massive 8 foot tree out of the small storage room in the basement or the smaller 5 foot version.  We've had the big tree the past few years, but opted for the smaller tree this year given Doodle's need to touch and try to pull apart ev-ery-thing.
~Ornament Selection: Although I'm quite traditional with my tree style (which consists of ornaments given to us and collected over the years), this year I wasn't willing to risk my beautiful Radko ornaments being touched and/or handled by a 2 year old.  We decided to invest in some shatterproof ornaments that I won't care about if Doodle wants to play light saber near the tree.  Thank goodness my Hubby is an angel and agreed to a super-girly pink and purple tree... topped with Sleeping Beauty, of course!
~Ribbon: Joe puts the ribbon on.  He's a pro at this and I don't touch it.
~Ornaments: This is where it gets hairy.  Approximately five minutes after I was reminded not to stifle my 2 year old's creativity by dictating where each ornament should go, I absentmindedly walked up to the tree and fixed a few ornament locations.  Ouch.  I'm blaming the Christmas-tree-perfectionist genes that I was born with, but I really did try.  I thought I was doing really well until Joe went to put some filler ornaments on the tree and I moved his first one.  Damn.  I honestly tried SO very hard to be good.  Let's just say I'm a work in progress!
~Photos: I had planned on changing my shirt and throwing on some make up to take a few photos in front of the tree, but that would have pushed Hubby's limits.  So-- I set the timer a few times to get a shot of the three of us {hopefully} looking at the camera.  During the second try, Sully jumped in so we decided to go for it and try for a photo of all of us... a feat not yet accomplished.  Well, the stars aligned and here you have it-- our family photo in front of the tree!

What are your holiday traditions?
How do you decorate your tree/house!?

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