Monday, January 23, 2012

A Bookish Beauty @iheartfaces

These past few weeks haven't been easy for our little Doodle... her first ER trip, first surgery, a week of tummy issues, and now a nasty virus!  I'll save the details for another post and let you know that she's taken it all in stride and is still the sweetest little toddler a Momma could ask for!

I've been out of the blogging rhythm, but once I saw that the i heart faces theme was "By the Book," I just couldn't resist jumping in.  Doodle is a bookworm. We have to limit her at bedtime to a few books because she'd go on forever-- and not because she's avoiding going to sleep.  We usually have one good "long" book: "Pinkalicious," "Green Eggs and Ham," "Yurtle the Turtle," "Tangled" (Golden Book) and "Big Heroes! DC Super Friends" (Golden Book about Batman and Superman-- her new obsession with these crime fighters is a story for another day!). After a longer book, we try to wind down with "the usuals."  She likes "Goodnight Moon," but doesn't demand it every night.  The last two books are always "Are You My Mother?" and "Wynken, Blynken, and Nod." She recites both of them, nearly cover to cover, every night.

While this photo may not be the the best by technical standards, I did the best with what I had... no natural light and a toddler with a five minute attention span! ;)  

Believe it or not, these are just a few of her books... there's another rack that I didn't bother pulling out!  The book on top of the pile, Atlas Shrugged, holds a very special place in our hearts as Doodle is named after the heroine of the book.  I can only dream that she grows up to be a strong, intelligent and independent woman who works hard (running a railroad, perhaps!?) and paves her own path in life.  Seeing that she's already slightly bossy and tends to rule the roost, I think she's on her way to becoming her own woman! ;)

What is your favorite book?!
What books do your kids like to read??
Any recommendations?!



Boston Pam said...

Oh this is just the sweetest picture!! =) And I agree, sometimes it's just better to capture the moment and memory rather than be technically perfect! This is frame worthy!

Michele said...

I love her choice of book! :-)

mhie said...

she's adorable, and she's pretty good to posed.

Michelle Nichelson Photography said...

That's adorable! :).

Serena said...

Oh Rory, writing and photography are truly two of your talents! Your posts so often bring to the surface thoughts and feelings that I could never have found the words to express. This blog is such a wonderful gift that Dagny will grow to love and treasure!

Brandy said...

I love that you put Atlas Shrugged on top. I'm sure she will start reading that in 3rd grade. She is so smart, just like her mom and dad. Aunt B will teach her other things, like how to say no to drugs. Love you!