Monday, January 02, 2012

A Fond Farewell to 2011...

New Years Eve came this year and as I read through friends' posts on Facebook, it seemed as if everyone was very dissatisfied with the year that had passed.  I was amazed at how so many people were ready to write off the past 365 days and start with a clean slate-- as if it didn't happen and we didn't gain anything from this year of experiences. Although it had started to get me down, I simply couldn't let it-- I put down my phone and took a little break from social media (Gasp! I know.). I logged back on yesterday and my faith was restored by this little nugget of wisdom from a friend:
Don't allow a date to define a fresh start. Any day can provide a fresh start, just have courage and make it so.
--Anon. (i.e., I don't want to call him out on my blog!)
I couldn't agree more... why wait until a year has passed to make those changes?! Let's wake up and make each day count!

Now, 2011 wasn't perfect for me - there were definitely a few hiccups - but when I look back at the year I shared with family and friends, I couldn't be more grateful for the memories that we've created together.  You've read many of the highlights, so I'm not going to do a play-by-play, but I will share this little gem with you...

No, this does not capture everything or everyone (I intentionally focused on just the three of us as I did not want feelings to be hurt if I included someone, but not another person!), I think you get the gist... we have wonderful life and I am so very grateful for everything in it.

Thank you for a wonderful 2011... I simply cannot wait to see what 2012 has in store for us!

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abc said...

could watch this over and over again...I have to say - you are right that so many people are so down on what was just a year like any other...saw the same on my fb -- but those people don't have 24/7 (almost) access to Doodle so I just assumed that was their problem! LOVE YOU!!!