Monday, March 05, 2012

Since When Does Vacation Come Out of Nowhere?!

I'm a planner. I love to make reservations (or call ahead) before going to a restaurant so I don't have to wait. I love finding deals on flights so early that it seems like an eternity before it actually happens. I call Disney 180 days before our arrival to secure dining reservations. I create itineraries for the whole family to make sure everyone knows what everyone else wants to do before we leave. I love being packed days in advance so I can make last minute wardrobe choices without having to wonder if I remembered underwear.

Not this time.

I managed to book flights 5 weeks in advance (and paid dearly for it). I managed to get a few dining reservations at Disney, but missed out on Chef Mickeys. I managed to order Doodle a Cinderella Dress online so I don't have to buy it in the parks! We asked a good friend to watch the dogs last Monday. We booked the rental at on Tuesday. I packed Saturday night. We arrived in Orlando last night!

Needless to say, life has been a smudge busier than usual- but in a good way! My new job is crazy busy and to be honest- if I didn't get to see Hubby's smiling face at work all day, I'd feel a lot worse about falling asleep at 8pm every night! ;) Life is Good. No, life is great! I'm just still adjusting to it!

I'm getting ready to wake Doodle up for Day One in Disney... and its the only thing that I actually planned for this trip! Breakfast in Epcot with the Princesses in her new Cinderella Dress (which I managed to keep secret until last night when she discovered it in the hotel closet and subsequently couldn't fall asleep out of excitement!)! I can't wait to see what this day will bring!

I'll have more stories later, but I'll leave you with a photo of Doodle leaving the house yesterday... Wonder Woman Dress (of course!), Cinderella shoes (Silver TOMS), sunglasses "upside" (she forgets to add "down" on the end), Lilly hoodie hanging from her head (but not on her arms!), and her gingerbread bear (which did not make the trip- she had enough junk packed already)!

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