Thursday, November 08, 2012

Thank The Troops!

Elections are over (wahoo!) and all of the political Facebook posts are dwindling down... Voting is very personal to me, so I don't care to discuss who anyone voted for, but I do care that you vote... Seriously, how do people not vote?! It's one of the freedoms that we have as Americans and something that we tend to take for granted.  Do you know what else we tend to take for granted?! The men and women on the front lines of our military.

We can all play the "six degrees" game with how we're personally connected to someone serving our country and it's one of the few versions of the game that I believe is very important to talk (and brag!) about... My BFF's hubby is in the Army... my cousin is heading to Afghanistan with the Army in a few weeks... Hubby's BFF was a Marine... Dad is very involved with Liberty USO... we even got to go on a Wounded Warrior visit to Walter Reed on Christmas day a few years ago... and the list goes on.

My parents instilled in us the importance of civic duty at a very young age and I'm hoping to do the same with Doodle and her little brother on the way... Doodle went and voted with Hubby and I on Tuesday and we're always talking about people/professions who fight bad guys (she's 3... keeping it simple)!

This weekend, and all year round, I'll be thanking the stars for the men and women who serve in the military.  I'd like to ask you to thank them as well... and am happy to share with you a program by my beloved Shutterfly that will make it super easy to do so!

Shutterfly has created a Facebook App where you can log on and create a card that will be sent to a service member.  Easy peasy, right?! They're out there on the front lines and all you have to do is click a few buttons to personally thank them! It'll take a few minutes and will make their day-- it's the least we can do, right?!

(Thank you, in advance!)

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