Thursday, January 31, 2013


Have you ever been to an "ICE!" show/exhibit/experience?! 

We had never been, so Doodle and I trekked down to the National Harbor with her cousin and friend for a morning of fa-reezing cold fun!

Before entering, they give you these enormo blue parkas... and as you're sitting in the wait area, sweating your tail off, you're thinking that there's no way that it's that cold. And then you walk in. And it's that cold!

While it was cool to see Shrek and friends, we're not really into Shrek around these parts... so definitely wishing this year was the Grinch or something like that (it changes every year... and is Dreamworks... so no Disney... which is cool... but let's face it, Shan Yu coming out of a block of ice would be pretty darn cool! Oh, you haven't watched Mulan 200+ times?! Just us? I get it.).

The artwork/ice carving is truly amazing, though, and the ice slides alone were worth the trip!

We ventured over to the Gaylord after ICE and could have spent all day there doing the gingerbread house decorating and such... live and learn... next year! ;)

Clearly we had a mild December! I love this photo because it shows her carrying a puppy... she always has a stuffed puppy in her arms!

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